The Singer's Musical Theatre Anthology Vol. 2: Soprano (CD ONLY)


Format:  Book with Demo CD
Instrument: Vocal SopranoVocal Soprano Array
A collection of songs from the musical stage, categorized by voice type. The selections are presented in their authentic settings, excerpted from the original vocal scores. In addition to piano accompaniments playable on both your CD player and computer, these enhanced CDs also include tempo adjustment and transposition software for computer use only, using the new Amazing Slow Downer software, originally created to allow singers and players the freedom to independently adjust both tempo and pitch elements. åÊ "We've made every effort to choose a reasonable tempo for the recorded piano accompaniments, based on cast albums or performance precedents.åÊ Other tempos could be explored for individual interpretations.åÊ We also deliberatly attempted to make the accompaniment recordings musically alive, incorporating rubato, ritardandos, accelerandos, and dynamics to inspire a theatrical performance.åÊ Nevertheless, by the very nature of recording, ours is ultimately only one interpretation." Richard Walters, Series Editor and Producer

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So Far,All Through the Night,The Gypsy in Me,I'll Follow My Secret Heart,Art Is Calling for Me,Take Me to the World,Another Suitcase in Another Hall,When did I Fall in Love?,I'll Know,If I Were a Bell,I Loved,I Whistle a Happy Tune,And This Is My Beloved,I Hate Men,Look for a Sky of Blue,The Glamorous Life,Gooch's Song,A Very Special Day,Vilia,The Sun, Whose Rays Are All Ablaze,Like a Woman Loves a Man,Warm All Over,Without You,Moonfall,Rosa's Confession,A Call from The Vatican,Unusual Way,Simple,Raunchy,Is It Really Me?,Simple Little Things,This Place Is Mine,My True Love,The Greatest of These,Poor Wand'ring One,Plain and Fancy,What Will It Be for Me?,How Could I Ever Know?,I Don't Know His Name,Will He Like Me?,Dear Friend,The Sound of Music,I Do Not Know a Day I Did Not Love You

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Format: Book with Demo CD
Soloist/Artist Various
Instruments Vocal Soprano, Vocal Soprano
Composer Various
Accompanist/ Conductor Various