Beautiful Music for Two Violins, Vol. II: 2nd position


Format:  Play-Along (Book+Accompaniment CD)
Instrument:  Violin
Genre: Duets (instrumental), Studies/Educational Array

A second volume of beautiful folk tunes and classical pieces for the advancing beginner. Transcribed and edited by noted American teacher Samuel Applebaum.

Contains printed music score and a compact disc featuring all the works in split-channel stereo, with the first violin on the right channel, the second violin on the left. By adjusting the balance, the soloist can remove either violin and play the other.

Performed by Richard Henrickson, first violin
Accompaniment : Andres Jennings, second violin


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The Oak Tree,Flying Southward,With Pleasure,A Graceful Theme,A Sonatine Theme,The Swan,The Steel Helmet,The Knight,To the Market,Field and Stream,The Royal Coach (English folk song),Sis-Boom-Bah,For Gretchen,Hickory, Dickory, Dock,The A.B.C. (Ah, vous dirais-je),The Clock Store,Anna Magdalena's Minuet,Sonatina in G,The Hare and the Hounds,The Vagabond,A King Is Crowned,The Bagpiper,A Dramatic Story,Old Black Joe,Pop Goes the Weasel,The Bavarian Dance,The Ski Jump,The Hero Arrives,View from a Hill,In a Canoe,It's Fun to Float,A Field of Daisies,Canzonetta,In a Monastery,The Toe Dancer,For My Friend,A Minuet for Two,Serenade

Additional Information

Format: Play-Along (Book+Accompaniment CD)
Soloist/Artist Richard Henrickson, first violin
Instruments Violin
Composer Hohmann, Wohlfahrt, F., Mozart, Hässler, Dancla, Tours, B., Gebaur, Trad. (English folk song), Trad. (German folk song), Trad. (Nursery song), Mazas, J.S. Bach, Beethoven, Trad. (Czech dance t
Accompanist/ Conductor Andres Jennings, second violin